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re: Techno Greeks

"When a community of people are each talking in their own space, it has the effect of dispersing communication...conversations are scattered all over the web with no structured organisation." - Angus Glashier

Weblogs as conversation.
10.04.00 - webchick at MetaTalk

"manifest destiny? quite possibly."
10.03.00 - voiced at geekish

"I don't have an answer."
10.03.00 - voiced by Suzanne.

"Lots of very good discussion there."
10.03.00 - voiced by Susan.

"Avoid cults of personality..."
10.02.00 - sotto voce at powazek.com

"A great rant..."
10.02.00 - voiced at Primitive Force

"Fantastic article on weblog philosophy."
10.02.00 - voiced at NewsTrolls

"Linked to hell and gone."
10.02.00 - voiced at GeneHack

"Will probably be blogged to death"
10.01.00 - voiced at Eric

"Why Popularity Matters"
10.01.00 - voiced at evhead

"Putting the revolution in its 'proper place'"
10.01.00 - voiced at Mac.Weblogs.Com

"webloggers = 0.00016% of population"
10.01.00 - voiced at walking west

"Puff! Una forma de expresión personal!"
10.01.00 - voiced at tremendo.com

"Really well thought out."
10.01.00 - voiced by brig

"Discussion heating up at MeFi..."
10.01.00 - voiced by evhead

Blogs counterexplained by Dave Winer
09.30.00 - voiced at scripting.com

"An excellent read."
09.30.00 - voiced at QubeQuorner

"Insightful and accurate."
09.30.00 - voiced by Adam Mathes.

"Ce blogue, c'est complimentaire."
09.30.00 - voiced by Christian Langreiter.

A definition for postmodernism.
09.30.00 - voiced by ptypes.

"I love most everything [they] write."
09.30.00 - voiced by Sam Buchanan.

"This is going to raise quite a stink."
09.30.00 - voiced by Asamee.

"Doesn't anyone remember high school??"
09.30.00 - sotto voce by Jo.

"An excellent essay."
09.30.00 - voiced at elearningpost.

"I read every word."
09.29.00 - voiced by Dan Gillmor.

"Another brilliant manifesto."
09.29.00 - voiced by zeldman.

"Weblogs as audience participation"
09.29.00 - voiced at Metaforage.

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The medium is NOT the message.