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“If you wish to be useful, never take a course that will silence you.” - John Jay Chapman.

“An interesting and perplexing site.”
10.12.00 - voiced by Steven.

“No one is spared from media.org's knife.”
10.12.00 - voiced by Tim O'Thompson.

“Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic.”
09.30.00 - voiced at MeFi.

“Patents meet Antipatents.”
09.01.00 - voiced at slashdot.

“Patent system for the public.”
09.01.00 - voiced at NewsForge.

“Only the good die young.”
08.27.00 - voiced by Stewart Butterfield.

“Carl Malamud not dead yet.”
09.01.00 - voiced by Linuxworld.

“They have the cutest dogs.”
08.27.00 - voiced by Yip Yop.

“93 on a scale of 10.”
08.24.00 - voiced by Joe Jenett.

“Old Sites Never Die.”
08.22.00 - voiced at Netscape Netcenter.

“They're right.”
08.18.00 - voiced by Christian Langreiter.

“The web is a better place...”
08.16.00 - voiced by webmistressjo.

“Links to Love”
06.27.00 - voiced by David Weinberger

“The Incredible, Edible Internet Economy”
06.23.00 - voiced by zeldman.

“Seeing Spots”
06.09.00 - voiced at Netscape Netcenter.

“If they're lucky, Pets.com will buy them.”
06.19.00 - voiced by Michael Fitzgerald.

“Cybercynical Business Plan”
06.11.00 - voiced by Doc Searles.

“Elevator Pitch”
06.09.00 - voiced by Sam Meddis

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The medium is NOT the message.